September 12, 2014

Perfect book dressing, right?

   First day back to school! Mixed fellings I can say. I kind of dreamed this day to come as much as I feared it at the same time. My older one, first grader already, I still cannot believe it, got his first books from school at day one. He was so happy and intrigued for his new beginning, but when he came home and showed me his books, one after the other he finally said: "But they are all so boring, they don't look nice at all".
  So, all morning now I am in quest to find ways how to make his books and notebooks look nicer, more interesting and and, yes, kids friendly....And I might say that I was very lucky 'cause I found the best solution to my problem.
I think my son will be equally happy don't you think?

 The procedure to make your books and notebooks look this amazing is easy enough and I find it in this amazing blog . Here,you can follow step by step the whole procedure for making your books so interesting.


But what I liked even more, was the idea of making the covers with fabric. There are millions of nice fabrics out there to choose from and I bet that you can find the ideal one for your books.
Create with this easy way your book jackets. No more boring books and notebooks...Do you agree?

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