September 24, 2014

Ι'm about to read the "Fifty shades of Grey" last

  It is finally here! The book I've been waiting for so long to read , more than two months now, is finally in my bookcase right now!Ok, ok I know that I had to have read it two years ago, but I didn't. I didn't want to, to be honest..

At the beginning, when this frenzy about this book started and the stories of Anastasia Steele with Christian Grey began to emerge from almost everywhere, I was NOT, and say again, I was NOT eager at all to read this book. But that, up until recently...

Up until to the point, when one afternoon while I was surfing the net hitting one link after the other simply because I had free time to kill- weird enough because with two little boys and a job that does not happen very frequently in my daily schedule- I landed at this YouTube trailer.  I couldn't ignore it, how could I?? At that point more that ten million people had already watched it and the number continued to grow by the second, infron of my eyes. I was stunned. Yeah, you guesed right, the trailer was the official Fifty shades of Grey trailer. 

  And beacause of all the fuzz that had been going on and on for the last few months, ok I decided to watch it. That was it, for the first time I saw the digital form of a book and then wanted to read it. That never happens to me. I can't read a book after I watced the movie first, simply I can't. I can watch the movie after I have read the book, but not the other way around. But the trailer was- and still is- absolutely amazing and from what I already have known about the story I couldn't imaging a better pair than Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson for the leadind roles.
  Right about that moment I wanted so to read this book so badly. Of course, I couldn't find it nowhere in my city, nor in my countrym, in any bookstore. All the copies were sold out. So, I ordered it from the internet...and waited...and waited three whole weeks. the more I waited the more I wanted to reat it. The anticipation was killing me... But's in my bookcase....all mine to read...calling my name.......