September 19, 2014

Crafts and DIY labels

   I am a crafts lover and a DYI lover. I love creating new staff from things I already have or remodeling items that seem old or dull. If I had more free time I would like to be crafting and making homemade creams and lotions all the time and in order for my homemade collection to be full I would need the perfect labels for my products. To be honest the last couple of months I have been a Pinterest regular, reading and pining on my board all the beautiful crafts and DYI themes I found there.
  Therefore, today my main focus was on free printables  and especially the free labels that you can stare as well here.

Birthday Gift Tags


  If you search you will find amazing blogs on the net, that share their great printables with the rest of us.  Tipjunkie is one of them that offers 78, yes you read correctly, 78 amazing free printable labels for you to download, print and redocorate ideally your house.
  If you want some, for example, free printable canning labels you can visit the ladyfaceblog, that share the following amazing labels.


  The girl creative has some very nice labels for your home made scrubs. Do you like scrubing? Visiting my board on Pinterest, Botanicals and Remedies you can find loads of easy recipes for your homemade scrubs.
  Alternatively you can visit my collection in the  !!!Free Printables!!! section, where I have gothered many many more free amazing printables for your homemade products, for your kitchen and bathroom or even for your daily activities and chores...
Original source of the photo :Pinterest Blackberry Applesauce canning recipe with free printable label.