March 22, 2014

Vintage & Fiat 500

   Hello beauties!I hope you all have a very nice weekend! Beautiful weather, bright and sunny, a perfect day for a pic-nic, or a coffee or even a ride with your bike or car!! It has to be vintage, though.. :)  I have this thing about vintage things, I can't explain why, though.  I love almost everything vintage, from clothes and shoes to cars and vespas! I have already posted a post about vespas, and thank you very much that you loved it that much, and now today's post is gonna be  about vintage cars and especially the Fiat 500. I love this car, almost as much as I adore Mini Coopers. Enjoy...
My heart is divided between an old Cinquecento and an old vespa...
 Or maybe this one. Also ready for a day at the park!!

Rome, Italie 

yellow and green
I bet this one is in Mexico. These colors only in this beautiful country!