March 23, 2014

Short or long bob? What do you think?

  Hello there! I hope and wish you all have a nice and relaxed Sunday!
  Last night, while I was trying to get ready for some birthday celebration, I caught up in the middle with a hair fight, my hair fight. Everything I was trying to do was a total waste of time. After quite some time, I finally had to accept that I would have a bad hair day, or more specifically a bad hair night.
   For years I wanted to have long hair, very long hair. The longer the better. Finally the last two years my hair are as long as they should be. But, long hair means a lot of preparation in order to look nice and coiffed and good in general, which translates into more time and effort for a nice outcome. So, after last night hiatus, I decided that maybe it's time for me to go for a shorter bob. Something like the new bob of Kim? What do you thing? Longer or shorter bobs will do for spring and summer?

   I found here, this nice article about how to style your hair and have a very nice textured long bob and i can say I am totally intrigued. Monday morning I am goin to have my hair cut...
Longer asymmetrical bob (on Leigh Lezark)...
I love, love, love this asymmetrical bob of Leigh Lezark.