March 12, 2014

Hello Spring

   Hello there!! So sorry for not posting anything the last couple of days, but I could harldy move from fever...Arghhhh...I hate being sick...But everything is ok now, back to my good old self and ready for a new post. I hope you like it!
   After all these grey days the past few weeks I really need some color to lighten up my mind. So, let's start with make up then. Colourful pallete for your beautiful face. All colors seem to be trendy this season. Pink, orange, blue, lilac, green and of course the always fashionable, according to me, black. The best feature however this spring is the "Ombre style".  The colours play so nicely both in eyes and lips, but it is up to you which make up style you will choose....I thing it's best and safest if you focus on your strong features of your face and highlight them. Here, you can find some more ideas to get inspired on your looks. Enjoy!!!

Vibrant Ombre Beauty by Ash Mathews, via Behance


ph. yulia gorbachenko 

Brilliant color shadow looks great when kept bold but simple (no other shades blended) Blue Blocking. 
 Jamie Nelson