February 15, 2014

Vespa Girls rule

   Hello loves!! What a beautiful day today...Bright and sunny and hot here in Thessaloniki even if it's still mid-February. I even started believing that God might be Greek. :))
  Feels like spring obviously and is time I think to get outside for walks or even better rides with bikes or motorbikes. Todays topic is about "Vespa". It is time for me now to take it out of the garage and start riding it again. For all of you who have already a scooter or even a Vespa, I am sure you are feeling pretty much the same way. For the rest of you who still don't have one maybe the time has come to acquire one? There is definetely one in your color and style that matches your wants and needs.
   Simple as it is, Vespa girls rule!!! See the following pictures and make up your mind! Enjoy...
Vespa girls rule! The style of Norman Rockwell is evident here.

Amazing Wood Vespa

Vespa beauty! 
Scooter/ Vespa
Like a mirror

Yellow Vespa 
vespa collage (please add credits if you know them. Thanks, @Whitney Schuetz Steininger)
Vintage Vespa