February 24, 2014

Pink is the new Black

   Hello!!Last night while I was trying to find out what to wear for my night out and after I emptied almost my whole wardrobe -classic me, I decide finally to wear a pink shirt, that I honestly have never worn before. It could have been in my wardrobe easily the last five years, but so far not my color of choice.
   But, that was until last night. For quite a reason, I still cannot understand the moment I wore it I loved it instantly. Maybe becasuse it matched with my skin type or because it was in a total contrast with my black hair? Or maybe because pink nowdays is everywhere in the fashion world and I got so used to it that I even liked it? Who knows...it's like that "pink is the new black". It looks very nice from t-shirts, to skirts, pants and even coats. It is combined easily with most of the colors and to be honest I am pretty sure that there is at least one shade of pink that maches every girl.
   So, if you are as well in the same category with me, where pink color and all of its shades were unwearable to you, is it time maybe to reconsider?? Look at the following and takesome very nice ideas on how to wear something pink and be fab. Enjoy...

Me encanta

Camel + peach + leopard 




 Color combination