October 26, 2013

Oh..These bicycles are everywhere

One day two years ago, my husbant had this not so brilliant idea of hanging his bicucle on to the wall due to lack of spacing. As you can imagine I freaked out...big time!! I thought it was the most bizzare thing.

Two years later I recondider believing that this bicycle is an essential necessity in my living room decoration. Of course, during these two years, bicycle decoration has skyrocketed...Pictures with bicycles as a decor are everywhere, making retro bicycles a trendy masterpiece in every living room.

Bicycle decor….

If you haven't any wall free for hanging it you can just "park" it somewhere in your corridors or just somewhere in the house.

 Whatever you interior decoration and your style, bicycles seem to fit almost in every house. From minimal to most eccentric it will add tons of  aesthetic in you room...
Oh these bikes are everywhere….
For an alternative style you can use a bicycle as an accessory in your rooms, creating a very different and impecable style...

All images via DashingDots.tumblr.com