October 15, 2013

Let's talk about Kid's Rooms...

Kid's Room...My favorite room in the house. Even though I hate messiness, I really do, I can tolerate it only in this room. Only because messiness in a kid's room means happy, pleased kids, and that is something that all the mothers want for their children.
Cute toy storage solution for a kids room.
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There are million ways that you can decorate or redecorate your children's' room. Bigger rooms are the joy of the decorator, because he can make almost everything  for a functional and very pleasant room at the same time. The difficulty comes with the smaller or even small rooms, however smaller rooms can be amazing as well.
Bed from Ikea, painted white.
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There are many tricks, such as bunker beds, that can be applied in order a small room to become the place of joy for our little guys. In the following blog mommo design, an extreme variety of bunk beds is displayed and you can take amazing ideas for your rooms.
Here are some of the nicest children's room in the web...Enjoy...
kids room inspiration / f&f blog - fawn&forest
Big Kid, Little Kid: Shared Kids Rooms
Dig-Mig: Too many cushions? or maybe not?
I love it ... so cute for a lil boy or kids that share rooms
kids room, home decor
Bright and playful kids room
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