October 23, 2013

Detox with Goji berries...

  This is the time of year I usually do my detox diet. After summer has ended, September is almost always the month I fall off the wagon regarding my dieting. I don't have to wear my bathing suit anymore, my body is covered by clothes, my health is good, so I become a little more loose on what I eat... I usually eat pretty healthy, all year around, I hate fried food ,don't eat many sweets and don't drink any sodas,   it is just that the proportions become a little bit bigger and the extensive sugars are added to my daily diet.This is why I believe that after that I need a detox diet... 
  Therefore I did my research in order to make a daily detox dieting plan. And the key word this year and from now on is this amazing, Chinese herb called Goji berry. As amazing as it is Goji berry is the best antioxidant existing, having more carotene than carrots,  five hundred the amount of Vitamin C, by weight than oranges do, having also vitamins B and E as well. Vegan thug life has extensive information, if you want to know some more about this magnificent herb.
image via tumblr

During my research I also found on Pinterest, the following and very interesting table that summarises  the benefits of the Goji berry...
Gogi Berries

  However, at this point I would like give you some ideas about how can you use this berry in your diet, detox or not, in order to have all these amazing benefits that most of the people who have tried it swear about...
  There are multiple ways of using the Goji berry. For instance I like to chew it. The majority of herb stores have dried berries, which you can just eat/chew or add it in salads or in food while you cook it.
You can also boile the dried seed in order to have a delicious tea, or even a great tonic soup. Or you can put these seeds in your mixer along with other fruits and/or vegetables and enjoy an extremely healthy smoothie.
Banana with Goji berry smoothie

  Here is the recipe of this delicious smoothie with bananas, cacao and goji berry along with some other ingredients. Of course I have already taste it and can say that is delicious.
 Another one alternative, if you like smoothies and berries in general is the following recipe I found here in Gourmantine's blog.
Blueberry smoothie Serves: 2  Ingredients 1 ½ milk (nut, dairy, soy) 2 oranges, juice only 2 bananas 250 grams frozen blueberries 1 tablespoon Goji berries 2 tablespoons chia seeds 1 tablespoon cocoa nibs 2 tablespoons flax seeds
  As the winter is in the corner, soups are the essential food for this season. Not only they keep you warm but they also are healthy as hell...As I said previously, you can have the effect of Goji berry simply by enjoying a soup! Here, you will find the recipe for the delicious soup in the photo. A spicy yet very energizing and delicious soup that you can enjoy for your meal.
Spicy Goji Berry Soup. A delicious, invigorating and energizing meal!
Spicy Goji Berry Soup