October 20, 2013

Chalkboard decoration....

Good evening everyone!!!Hope you are all ok and having fun, even if the weekend is ending!!!
I am having fun at the moment trying to find new ways of decorating my new living room. Even though I have moved in, something like two months ago, I still have many many things regarding decoration that needs to be done. Moving to a new house, means that at least in some capacity you have to change your decoration. Every house has its own vibe and you certainly need to have that in mind when placing your furniture and your staff around.
So, having looked more than a thousand pictures of living rooms these past two months, I have decided to add some boldness in my black and white living room...I have decided to paint one of the walls like a chalkboard... I think it would be great, massive, and of course before/after photos will follow...
However, 'till then I wanna share some amazing pictures of chalkboards in order you can take some ideas as well...Enjoy...

7 Easy #DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas: Chalkboard Paint Wall Calendar
DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas via www.rachaelraymag.com

An awesome small college apartment featuring chalkboard paint and a blue/gray color palette. | colunistas.ig.com.br
A beautifull small apartment featuring chalkboard walls via colunistas.ig.com.br
Painted Chalkboard Walls
Chalkboard wall by Nellie Bellie. You can find a lot of interesting ideas in her Nellie Bellie site.

Moreover, chalkboard walls look amazing even in children's rooms or playrooms. I bet kids will love it as well...
Children's room - Quick tips: Paint a wall with chalkboard paint - La Petite Magazine
Chalkboard wall via La Petite Magazine

In addition, the chulkboard effect can easily be applied to furniture as well. Old furniture can be redecorated and looking amazing an new...
Chalkboard Painted Filing Cabinet
Chalkboard Painted Filing Cabinet from Design Improvised

Chalkboard Gift Tags
Gift tags by ETSY