March 21, 2014

The most amazing workplace in the world

  This is the most amazing working place in the world. I would be very happy if I was about to work there, or at least in similar place like that, but guess what! I am not that lucky...
  Macquarie! This is the name of the bank with the most amazing headquarters ever! The best place to work, definitely. An opinion that the 77% of the workforce agree with. Clive Wilkinson Architects,  designed this fabulous 330,000 square foot building for Macquarie, an Australian investment bank, based in Sydney.
Consisting of two buildings, includes also a library, a dining room, playrooms, gardens, a coffee house and a tree house. Incredible???
Needless to say that, "The project has been collecting accolades and awards for not only architecture and design but also for environmental sustainability and workplace functionality."